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CalMac changes freight service to ensure lifeline maintained

To ensure continued lifeline services are maintained to the Isle of Lewis, ferry operator CalMac is making changes to its overnight freight service.

From Monday (March 23th) to July 15th the overnight freight service will be discontinued and freight will now be carried on an 1130 morning sailing.

A return passenger service from Stornoway to Ullapool will operate in the afternoon.

'The Covid-19 situation is evolving rapidly, so we need to take prompt steps to ensure lifeline services to Lewis are maintained,' said CalMac's Director of Operations, Robert Morrison.

'This freight service is vital for the whole of the Outer Hebrides and moving to a morning run rather than over night, is the best way of ensuring its resilience given the expected challenges we face regarding the crewing of vessels in the weeks to come.'

Please see for full timetable changes.

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