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CalMac's latest fleet addition proving popular

A new model of ferry operator CalMac's MV Loch Seaforth is proving a hit with more then 400 sold in the first few weeks since its launch.

The 37cm long model is built using 310 plastic construction bricks with realistic features such as lifeboats all wrapped up in the iconic CalMac branding.  

'We hatched the idea when a child tried to design a model for another well-known toy company but couldn't get enough support to have the toy made,' said CalMac's Head of Commercial, Kurt Hart.

model of Loch Seaforth

'We wanted to respond to customer demand and provide something people really seem to want to buy when they travel with us. We chose the Loch Seaforth as it's one of the newest vessels in our fleet, with an interesting shape and design.'

The 7800 tonne Seaforth was launched in 2014 and carries more than 700 passengers and 140 car between Ullapool and Stornoway.

CalMac is the UK's largest ferry operating serving 28 routes to island and remote mainland destinations with a fleet of 33 vessels. Last year it carried more than 5.3 million passengers and 1.4 million vehicles.

The model is proving one of the most popular talking points across the company's social media sites.

'We see this as a starting point for sales of this type, if the demand continues to be this strong we may look at similar opportunities for the future,' added Kurt.

The model is available in the vessel's on-board shop and also from CalMac's new online store priced £29.99.


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