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Emergency drill set for Tarbert

Ferry operator CalMac will be testing out its emergency planning drills in Tarbert harbour, Harris, on March 27.

The drill, codenamed Exercise Tarris, will involve close collaboration with other emergency services and the public will notice increased activity from the police, coastguard, ambulance and fire services.

The exercise will focus on an incident involving MV Hebrides, there will be no disruption to the normal timetabled service.

CalMac's Director of of Safety, Environment and Security, Louis de Wolff said:

'The well being and safety of our passengers and crew is our number one concern. An exercise of this kind allows us to put into practice our emergency plans in as real a life situation as we can possibly get.

'It allows us to identify any weaknesses we may have in our procedures and gives us the chance to tighten up how we respond to an emergency situation making an already very safe service even safer.'

Publicity regarding the exercise is being posted on vessels and in both ports to keep passengers informed of what is happening.

For more information on the exercise please contact the customer call centre on 0800 066 5000.

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