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Largest cargo to offload in a decade at Perth Harbour

Two of the largest vessels to visit the Perth Port in recent years docked within 24 hours of each other last week. 

Both vessels were dropping off cargos of fishmeal, 2600 tonnes in total. The 1500 tonne Fri Sky arrived from Norway and her sister ship, the Fri Sun berthed just over 24 hours later sailing from Bremen. The two ships passed each other on the river near Friarton Bridge. 

The company responsible for the shipment, Calport, said; 'CalPort Ltd and CalMac Ferries Ltd are working closely to develop business opportunities and attract different cargos to the Harbour.' 

The port has seen a dramatic increase in traffic since west coast ferry operator CalMac took on the management of the facility on behalf of Perth and Kinross Council. 

CalMac's Head of Ports & Harbours, Cameron MacPhail said: 

'This is an example of the scale of traffic that could become the norm for Perth in the future. It has the capacity to take on much more and handle increased traffic than it has been recently, and we will continue to develop business to make the Port a real asset for the town's economy.' 

Perth Port landing

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