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UK first for CalMac as performance stats go online

West coast ferry operator CalMac is launching a UK first online tool that allows customers to access carrying data for individual routes at the touch of a button.

From the CalMac website customers can simply select a time period, route and traffic type to generate their report. The results will then be displayed in a table with the option to download it as an Excel file.

The data will be refreshed once a month, so customers will always have access to the most recently audited statistics. 

The tool will allow customers to view the number of passengers and vehicles carried, and allow them to compare these over different time periods.

Carrying information will be available on each of CaMac's 29 routes.

'We are delighted to be the first major transport operator in the country to offer this level of transparency around our carrying statistics across all of our routes,' said CalMac's managing director, Robbie Drummond.

'Previously if anyone wanted this level of detail it would have meant an extremely labour intensive series of reports to be run manually, then sent to the customer. All this information is now available instantly for anyone interested.'

Last year the company's 33 strong fleet carried more than 5.6 million passengers and 1.4 million vehicles to 53 harbours and slipways up and down the west coast. 

'We continue to see more and more people choosing to travel with us to our west coast destinations. People will now be able to see for themselves what our carrying figures look like on a monthly basis,' added Robbie.

The new online tool can be accessed here 

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