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Are all changes to service covered by the ICIA process?

Although timetable changes are not subject to the formal ICIA process, they do adhere to an aligned consultation approach. Consultation with local communities plays a key role within timetable design and is managed via nominated local community organisations - we've shared further details here. The local community organisations are engaged throughout the timetable development process, providing suggestions for improvements at the outset as well as reviewing and providing feedback on any subsequent proposals.

We will always would work hard to consult with the communities on all service changes however there are exceptions. Consultations will take place when there is genuine opportunity to take onboard feedback, usually when there is flexibility in the way in which proposals can be designed/delivered. Where there is a lack of alternative options, we will not be able to consult as it's not fair to create a false expectation. Some example exceptions may include:

  • Vessel deployment decisions, particularly during technical breakdowns

  • Overhaul dates

  • Temporary timetables

When these situations arise, we communicate that there are no alternative options available to us. 


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