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CalMac Summer 2023 timetables open for bookings on 20 January

CalMac has announced that summer 2023 timetables (31 March - 15 October) will be available to view and to book from this week, now that Transport Scotland has announced the 2023 fare levels.

All routes will be able to be viewed on the website on Thursday 19 January. Bookings will then open on Friday 20 January, except for the three routes operating from Mallaig, which will open for bookings by 31 January 2023. Customers can book tickets through the CalMac website at 7am on Friday and by phoning the contact centre or at port offices from 9am.

Mallaig routes require additional time due to the number of tidal amendments required and the complexity of operating three services from the one berth in Mallaig.

We are working to finalise timetables for the last week of the summer timetable (the period between 16 and 22 October inclusive). These will be made available as soon as possible, once community consultation and work to finalise vessel deployment during the start of the annual overhaul period has been completed.

Robbie Drummond, Chief Executive of CalMac, said: "I am very pleased to be able to announce the release of the summer timetable for 2023, but apologise for the late publication. We understand the impact this has on island communities and local businesses.

"The publication of the timetables will be welcome news to the communities we serve and to visitors, who can now plan their summer holidays.

"I am grateful to all our customers who have been waiting for longer than usual for this news and thank them for their continued support and patience."

For more information, please see our website here

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