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'Hebridean Baker' Coinneach Macleod to host new CalMac podcast series

A new podcast series is set to take listeners on a voyage around Scotland's storied islands, as CalMac prepares to launch 'Scottish Island Adventures' this month.

The podcast will transport listeners to Scotland's west coast in a series of ten episodes, which will be available from 16 January and will each focus on a different island. Host Coinneach Macleod, also known as the 'Hebridean Baker', will be joined by various guests as he uncovers 'Scotland in miniature' on the Isle of Arran, visits Islay and Jura to learn about the islands' world-famous distilleries, and witnesses Skye's incredible natural attractions.

One episode will also see Coinneach discussing his native Isle of Lewis with guest Cathy Macdonald, Gaelic radio and television presenter whose voice will be familiar to CalMac's passengers as the reader of safety messages aboard the company's fleet of ferries. The duo will highlight the fascinating museums and stunning beaches that make Lewis so special, while additional episodes will introduce Coinneach to people and stories from further far-flung Hebridean Isles.

Coinneach Macleod said: "Having been born and raised on the Isle of Lewis, the most northerly of the Outer Hebrides, I am thrilled to set sail on this exciting podcast journey, exploring the rich tapestry of stories that weave through Scotland's west coast islands. 'Scottish Island Adventures' is more than a podcast; it's an invitation to join me on a captivating voyage, where we'll uncover the island's unique stories, their charm, their people and savour the flavours of our dishes. Join me as we set sail on a virtual voyage that will inspire visitors, both old and new, to travel over the seas to explore the heart and soul of each island, one captivating episode at a time."

Robbie Drummond, Chief Executive of CalMac, said: "Each of the 22 islands we serve has its own identity, character and history, and we're very excited to help broadcast this to new audiences through the 'Scottish Island Adventures' podcast. While CalMac provides crucial services connecting islander communities with the mainland, we hope that this podcast will also help connect listeners with the heart and soul of the islands we serve. 'Scottish Island Adventures' is set to highlight the innovative businesses, striking scenery, close-knit communities and individual islanders that make this region so unique".

The series has been produced by audio production company The Big Light Network, whose mission is to connect an international community of listeners with Scottish history and culture. BBC Scotland presenter and co-founder of The Big Light Network, Janice Forsyth, will also be joining Coinneach as a guest later in the series to discuss the beauty of the Isle of Bute.

'Scottish Island Adventures' will be available in full on all major podcast platforms from 16th January.  Images can be accessed here:

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