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Marine Mammal Surveys

During 2017, ORCA undertook a number of pilot surveys on CalMac Ferries across the West of Scotland.  Three routes were chosen as the initial surveys routes for the CalMac Ferries Marine Awareness Programme during 2018.  The suitability of surveys routes will remain under review and the Programme will look to expand to include additional routes when volunteers become available.

Survey routes and dates

Ullapool - Stornoway - Ullapool

Wednesday 4th April

Wednesday 2nd May

Wednesday 6th June

Wednesday 4th July

Wednesday 1st August 

Wednesday 4th September

Oban - Castlebay - Oban

9th - 10th April

14th - 15th May

11th - 12th June

9th - 10th July

13th - 14th August

10th - 11th September

Oban - Coll - Tiree - Oban - Colonsay - Oban

Sunday 22nd April

Sunday 27th May

Sunday 24th June

Sunday 22nd July

Sunday 26th August

Sunday 23rd September

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