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CalMac Ferries are phasing out plastic straws on board after a presentation from P7 children at Sunnyside Primary School.

On 19th January 2018, the Ocean Defenders group from Sunnyside presented to representatives of CalMac Ferries  Limited and the newly established Community Board about the environmental problems of single use plastics , especially plastic drinking straws.  The Community Board was impressed with the sample bags that the Ocean Defenders provided and were excited to take the #NaeStrawAtAw message back to their own communities.

Red and white Straws

CalMac Ferries have been working with their suppliers to identify suitable alternatives to single use plastics, and to identify suitable disposal options for alternative packaging.  Plastic drinking straws will start to be phased out on-board and recyclable paper straws will be made available on request.  To ensure that all passenger needs are met, a small supply of plastic straws will be kept on board for passengers who require them for health purposes.

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