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Community Engagement Meetings Schedule

The Community Engagement Meetings that took place during May and June 2015 have now been completed.

For more information on the Community Engagement Meetings please read the following press releases: Ferry bosses seek public's view on future of lifeline services and CalMac bosses thank communities for input .

Dear All,

Senior managers and non-executive directors of Caledonian MacBrayne ( CalMac) recently completed a series of meetings across its network as part of our preparations for the next tender, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who took the time to attend and share their views on ferry services in the future.

It is very important to us that the bid we submit has taken account of the views of the communities which will use the ferry services. Some of the things that people are seeking, such as major timetable changes or new ships, are not within our gift as these will be covered by Transport Scotland in the Invitation to Tender (ITT), but it is nonetheless helpful for us to get as complete a picture of the views of ferry users as possible.

The information we gleaned was very constructive and helpful, but as it is likely to inform part of our bid, it would not be appropriate to disclose details at this stage. However, we will in due course provide feedback to the communities on whether and how their ideas have been included in the bid.

We tried to cover as many areas and communities as possible in the time available and hope that any we have missed will appreciate the challenge we faced in doing so. We have not ruled out further meetings at a later stage in the tender process, but in the meantime we would encourage as many people as possible to fill in an on-line feedback form if they haven't already done so. We are grateful to those who have submitted forms on the day or on-line, and if they have any further thoughts they should feel free to submit more. The form can be found at Community Engagement Meetings Feedback Form or by clicking on the tab above.


Yours etc


Robbie Drummond

Group Financial Director and Bid Director

David MacBrayne Ltd 


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