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CalMac Vessel Hire service

In addition to our scheduled timetable, CalMac also offers a Vessel Hire service which may be able to provide a sailing that suits your specific business or social requirements. Due to the Company's vessel fleet being utilised on timetabled routes, all Vessel Hire shall be subject to availability. Any vehicle or freight to be carried is subject to Dangerous Goods legislation and the Company's Conditions of Carriage.

What is a Vessel Hire ?

A Vessel Hire can provide exclusive use of a vessel to transport vehicles, passengers, or freight. Vessel Hires can be arranged for single crossings, return crossings, or for a period of time, and are costed on an individual basis.

Who uses Vessel Hire services ?

Social groups and membership organisations, Government and Councils, Business from Private sector.

How do I find out the cost of a Vessel Hire ?

There are various pieces of information we need to establish before we can fully cost a Vessel Hire. Please complete the online form to register interest. We will respond as soon as possible to discuss the proposed Vessel Hire.

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