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Explore Mount Stuart

Watch our CalMac journey video and get a sneak preview of your trip to the wonderful Mount Stuart on the Isle of Bute. Find out more about what you can do on Bute and check out our day trip options to Mount Stuart.

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Video Transcript

We work very closely with CalMac here on Bute and there's always promotions and special offers but one of the main ones is that you can buy a joint ticket so that gets you over on to the ferry on to Bute and then into Mount Stuart all in one ticket price.

Alice Martin: My name's Alice Martin, and I'm very lucky to be the the Head of Collections here at Mount Stuart . Now Mount Stuart in todays money took around 89 million pounds to build, and it is just awash with fine marble, there's a beautiful marble chapel, beautiful marble hall, there are stain glass throughout the property hugely bright, colourful, exciting but it also holds an absolutely world class collection of art and artifacts.

Bute is really special for me because of Mount Stuart although I absolutely love the Island I would work anywhere to work with the collections that we have here it's just incredibly lucky that it happens to be on an absolutely stunning beautiful Scottish Island.

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