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Update on CalMac's new booking and ticketing platform

CalMac apologises for issues experienced by its customers since the launch of its new booking and ticketing platform on Wednesday 17 May and reassures customers that these will be resolved.

As expected with a system change of this scale, several issues were experienced on launch day. In many cases these were peripheral to the core system but nevertheless disruptive for customers and increased pressure on staff. CalMac would like to provide reassurance that the core system is working, bookings are being processed, and all services are running.

There were payment issues on nine of its routes initially which were resolved on the first day. Another issue has subsequently arisen which may be affecting payments on several routes, which is being addressed. 

CalMac's supplier is working on several issues, the principal of which relates to customer accounts. A small proportion of migrated customer accounts have been affected where the account may not be visible to the customer via the Internet; the supplier is working to find a solution for this issue, to be introduced as rapidly as possible this week.

Customers' receipt of emails has been delayed in some cases by email services (such as Google, Yahoo and Microsoft) automatically deferring delivery because of a volume of emails from a new source. After some delays, 97% of emails relating to bookings migrated from its previous Compass platform or sent following a new booking since launch have now been delivered. Account-related emails (asking the customer to validate their email address when creating an account) are delivering at a 99% success rate.

CalMac is also working through network disruption and reduced capacity on some sailings, which it chose to manage in the new system and is conflating some of the pressures. Booked customers are being offered new sailings where possible, or refunds. Several bookings migrated to the new platform did not have account or email information which is slowing this process.

There is a specific issue in relation to Islay bookings which shows as two separate routes. Customers can make a return booking to different ports using the "multi-Island" feature - but this will be made clearer in the system with appropriate guidance for customers.

Robbie Drummond, Chief Executive of CalMac, said: "I am sorry for any inconvenience caused to our customers since the launch of our new booking and ticketing platform, and I would like to thank them for their continued patience and support.

"Please be assured that we remain focused on working with our technology and payment suppliers, and our teams are working around the clock. We are confident that issues experienced will be resolved, and over time the advantages of the new system will become more obvious both to our customers and our staff. We will continue to respond to customer enquiries as quickly as possible and communicate updates through our usual channels."

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