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Harbour Incident Reporting

This incident reporting process is for all users of the harbour and should be used as an alternative method of reporting if immediate and direct reporting of the incident to the Port Manager is not possible. Please use the form below to detail all aspects of the incident.

In the interest of safety, mariners of recreational and commercial vessels (excluding CFL Ro-Ro services) are required to complete this form for all reportable incidents and/or Near Misses which may be used to assist in an investigation. 

The on-going statistical data gathered may also be used to develop future safety initiatives.

This form should be used to report a Navigational or Safety Incident or Near Miss within CFL operated harbours. 

Urgent Navigational matters should be reported immediately to the Port Manager, or alternatively on VHF Channel 16 (NB - Please note that this form should be used to provide a follow-up written report in support of a verbal advice).


Please note that this form is for the reporting of incidents within our harbour and port areas. If you wish to report an incident that happened on one of our vessels please visit here for more information or e-mail our Customer Care Team


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