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Community Consultation

Port Askaig works - Community Consultation


  • The project team welcomes you to this community engagement event which seeks to inform you about the New Islay Vessel Enabling Works project and our Service Continuity Plan for during the Port Askaig closure period.

  • We will be sharing the amended timetable for the six-week closure period at Port Askaig (19 June - 30 July 2024).

  • Please take as much time as you like to read the material presented.

  • If you have any questions or want further details, please contact any project team member.

  • An exit questionnaire is available in hard copy should you wish to fill it in just now, alternatively it will be available online.


  • Port enabling works at Port Askaig will commence 18 March 2024 until 30 July 2024 with a six-week closure from 19 June 2024 until 30 July 2024.

  • Argyll and Bute Council are planning to modify the layout of Port Askaig during this period, to accommodate the increased capacity of the new vessels (107 PCU). The existing capacity at Port Askaig is 91 PCU.

  • Port enabling works at Colonsay will commence 25 March 2024 until 8 October 2024 however no closure is required, George Leslie will work around the service.

Timetable Options

Three timetable options were assessed for the closure period. These options were:

  • Option 1 - Kennacraig to Port Ellen including Colonsay service only from Kennacraig, removing Oban link.

  • Option 2 - Kennacraig to Port Ellen including Colonsay service operating to Oban both Wednesday and Saturday.

  • Option 3 - Kennacraig to Port Ellen including Colonsay service operating to Oban on Saturday only, removing the Oban link on Wednesday.

These options were shared with Transport Scotland outlining the operational impacts for each and the agreed approach was to proceed with Option 3, as this provides a balanced spread of services to both Islay and Colonsay communities.

Mitigations and service continuity

Bus links mainland

  • Connections will be largely unaffected.

  • Daily connections remain from Kennacraig to either Glasgow or Campbeltown, and to Kennacraig from Glasgow or Campbeltown.

Bus links island

  • There will be periods when connections will be missed throughout the day.

  • These will be highlighted in more detail once received and CalMac will ensure details are made available on our website for customers.

  • Other transport connection will be provided during these times e.g. Taxi service (to/from Port Askaig/Port Ellen only).

Jura Ferry Connections

  • Ferry service will operate as normal to the concrete slip at Port Askaig during the closure period.

  • For any sailings arriving into Port Ellen on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday after 1750 hours and up to 2035 hours, requiring onward ferry connection to Jura, will have the option to book 2130 hours late sailing by 1200 hours the day before planned travel. 

  • There will be no onwards connection to Jura after 1750 hours arrival at Port Ellen on Wednesday and Sunday.

  • Information will be made available online for customers and in the event of any delays to CalMac's service, we will be sure to communicate this with Jura Ferry office to allow for their service to be delayed where possible and allow for the connection.

Alternative transportation arrangements for island residents

  • In the event of no onward bus connection to/from Port Askaig and Port Ellen, CalMac will arrange a taxi service for foot passengers. CalMac will ensure passengers are not impacted financially when utilising this service. Alternative transportation arrangements for island residents to/from Oban

  • Foot passengers who would be traveling to Oban on a Wednesday would be required to travel to Kennacraig first and then onwards travel via taxi service will be arranged by CalMac Port staff. CalMac will ensure passengers are not impacted financially when utilising this service.


  • There will be a dedicated webpage available with full details and information for customers in advance of and during the closure period.

  • Information will be available on the amended timetable and via our social channels. Health and Safety

  • Port Ellen will have additional staffing in place during the closure period to ensure that traffic is well managed, and passengers can embark and disembark safely.

Thank you

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