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CalMac adds healthy, Scottish innovation to its children's menu

Kids enjoying the new CalMac pizza

Launched during Scotland's Year of Food and Drink, an innovative Scottish pizza made using Scottish seaweed is proving popular with kids on board Caledonian MacBrayne ferries.

The company behind the innovation, Eat Balanced, believes in making it easier and enjoyable for kids to eat a balanced diet, with a new children's range branded "Pizza Power Kids".  The pizzas have been designed with a leading Professor of Nutrition, to be high in fibre, protein, vitamins and minerals and lower in salt, fat and sugar.

Since moving its manufacturing to Scotland earlier this year, Glasgow-based Eat Balanced has continued to develop its original concept with more nutritious ingredients.  CalMac was particulary excited about the use of seaweed, sourced from the crystal clear waters off the Isle of Lewis, which is used in the base to replace salt and add essential minerals. 

Anne Mitchell, CalMac's On Board Development Manager, says:

"We were delighted to put a new pizza on the menu that ticked so many boxes on healthy eating. It also helps us to maintain our "Taste our Best" accreditation, which recognises and celebrates excellent quality food and drink from Scottish companies."

The "Taste our Best" scheme has been developed by Bidvest Foodservice Scotland as a way to encourage both internal and overseas tourists to sample and enjoy locally sourced produce from across Scotland.

Clearly, creating a tasty pizza is one of the most important factors for a successful kid's menu item.  Brand Director for Eat Balanced, Katie Sillars, states:

"The Pizza Power Kids motto is 'Health by Stealth.'  The kids don't necessarily need to know that it's actually good for them, as long as they enjoy it and there are clean plates at the end.   However, parents can rest assured that these are the most nutritious pizzas that we could make without the children being able to tell the difference.  Our aim is to improve children's nutrition by reinventing kids' favourite foods into tasty balanced meals."

The new healthy children's pizza can be found on the Mariners Menu on-board Caledonian MacBrayne ferries across Scotland.


Notes to Editors

*Eat Balanced is based in Glasgow, Scotland, and currently sells its new Pizza Power Kids range into education, leisure and pub chains across the UK.

*For more information go to

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