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CalMac issues weather warning

With winds forecast to gust up to 60 knots over the next two days, ferry operator CalMac has issued its first general weather warning of the season.

Widespread disruption is forecast to services up and down the west coast as high winds are likely to place restrictions on sailings.

'There is a high likelihood that services will experience weather related disruption across the Clyde and Hebrides routes this week with the worst of the weather due to hit Tuesday and Wednesday. People should look at the forecast carefully before travelling and check their arrangements if they plan to travel with us," said CalMac's operations director, Drew Collier.

"Our website and our social media feeds have the very latest information on what is running and when. We may well amend timetables to work around the worst of the weather to keep routes running, so I would urge people to double check with us before setting off on their journey.'

Check our latest service information online or @calmac_updates on twitter.


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