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Summer Timetable 2022 FAQs


What routes will be available to book from 20 December 2021?

From 20 December 2021, all bookable routes will be available to book except for Mallaig-Armadale, Mallaig-Small Isles and Mallaig-Lochboisdale. We expect these routes to be published on 17 Jaunuary 2022 and available for booking from 19 January 2022 when consideration of vessel deployment following the MV Utne's arrival has been considered alongside additional timetable requests and tidal timetable requirements.

Can I book a route from/to Mallaig between 25 March to 23 October 2022 now?

No, these routes are planned to be published on 17 January 2022 and open for bookings on 19 January 2022.

What Hopscotch tickets can't be booked before all timetables are released?

We are currently reviewing Hopscotch tickets for Summer 2022 and beyond. They will not be available for booking until this review is complete.

In previous years we've been able to publish all routes at once - why is it different this year?

Our approach is different this year. The reason for this is that we are forward planning for the arrival of the MV Utne into service later this year. Although the summer 2022 timetable is planned using existing vessels, consideration is being given now to help support her transition into service.

The three routes which are delayed are all interconnected in nature - and at the same time as planning for the MV Utne's deployment, we are consulting on additional timetable requests and finalising tidal timetables.

Throughout, we have been continuing to consult with representatives of the communities affected to listen to their requirements and make them aware of the delay and the reasons for this.

When will you publish subsequent phases of the timetable and what will be included?

The second and final phase of the timetable will be published and available to book from 17 January 2022 and this will include the three routes not included within phase 1 of the timetable - Mallaig-Armadale, Mallaig-Small Isles and Mallaig-Lochboisdale.

When will the deployment date of the additional vessel - the MV Utne - be confirmed?

We do not yet have a confirmed date of deployment. However, we will share details with our customers when this information is available.

How long will the MV Utne be deployed with CalMac?

The MV Utne was recently purchased by CMAL and will be a permanent addition to the CalMac Fleet from Summer 2022.

What routes will have an increased turnaround time due to enhanced cleaning protocols?

There will be increased turnaround times on the Wemyss Bay - Rothesay service. For this service, a timetable amendment has been agreed with the community which will see the service change to improve train connectivity.

Are there any changes to bookable / non bookable routes?

No changes have been made to bookable / non bookable routes.

Why have the changes been made to the Uig - Lochmaddy - Tarbert timetable this year?

As demand increases across our services it has become increasingly difficult to continue to deploy mezzanine decks on an increasing number of sailings, whilst at the same time keeping to the published timetable.  We know that communities want us to provide as much capacity on vessels as possible, by deploying mezzanine decks on as many sailings as possible.  We have listened to their feedback and designed a timetable that allows us to deploy mezzanine decks on as many sailings as we can but allows enough time for the vessel to ensure they can operate to the published timetable.

Are there any increases to ticket pricing this year?

Yes. Transport Scotland review and set fares on an annual basis and have implemented the following changes:

  • 2.1% on all fares

  • +1% on cars (and derived) fares

  • 50% discount on school minibuses - Find out more.

  • +1 increase in multiplier for motorhomes/caravans

Further detail on the  increase for motorhomes are also outlined in the table below.

Motorhome Length

Current charging regime

New charging regime

Under 6m

Same as car fare

Same as car fare


1.5 x car fare

2.5 x car fare


2.0 x car fare

3.0 x car fare


2.5 x car fare

3.5 x car fare

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