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Mull: Oban - Craignure

Valid from 26 April - 17 October 2021

Please check the service status of this route before you travel 

Travelling in a vehicle on MV Coruisk sailings (Indicated by the letter 'A' on the timetable below)  - All vehicle drivers and passengers MUST remain in their vehicles during the duration of the crossing to ensure the safety of all passengers and crew at this time. 

Due to the reduced capacity of this vessel and to guarantee travel during this period, we strongly advise all passengers make a reservation prior to travel - especially if you're a foot passenger.

Prior to your journey, familiarise yourself with VisitScotland's  #RespectProtectEnjoy guidance and check the arrangements individual islands and locations have for managing the safety of their visitors and communities. For Argyll and Bute, please read through the area's 'Be a great Visitor'  guidance. Camping/Motorhomes - At the request of Visit Mull and Ionawe have been asked to advise our customers visiting these islands that you have a suitable pitch or campsite booked before you travel. Please ensure you have agreed overnight provisions prior to travel to the islands.

Iona Abbey: If you wish to visit the abbey please book a guided tour in advance   here  due to covid limits on visitor numbers have been introduced to help keep everyone safe, you will not be able to visit without booking online in advance. 

Check-in is 30 minutes prior to departure for vehicles and 10 minutes for foot passengers - otherwise space will be reallocated. Late check-in may also lead to the vehicle being refused carriage.

Food and Drink - We have increased the food & drink options on offer to our customers. Find out what will be available on this route here.

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Please ensure you take the time to read all our latest travel guidelines and safety information prior to your journey. Customers are reminded to wear a face covering when travelling with us on the ferry, and at our port offices, unless exempt.

Revised timetable for the Oban-Craignure route for the period 26 April - 17 October 2021 - As detailed in the new timetable, crossings which are to be made by the MV Coruisk - which are indicated by the letter 'A' - will take an additional five minutes, and this vessel's last round trip of the day, departing Craignure at 18.20 (18.10 Wednesday, 18.30 Sunday) and departing Oban at 20.00 (Monday - Saturday) and 19.30 (Sunday) have been withdrawn. This change is being applied for operational reasons; we need to provide the necessary rest periods for our crew on the MV Coruisk due to the slightly extended passage time. The extended passage time is needed to allow the vessel to switch to a manual control before berthing. All crossings undertaken by the MV Isle of Mull on this route are unaffected. Please see the updated timetable below. 

Table 11 Oban - Craignure - Summer timetable updated - This image is currently not accessible to screen readers. Please phone 0800 066 5000 for timetable details
Additional FARES:
Motorcycle: Single - £7.15/Return - 14:30
Pedal cycles (restricted numbers): Single - Free/Return - Free 
- Groups of 6 or more pedal cycles must inform the relevant port office in advance of travel. It should be noted that as we may not be able to offer the first sailing of choice, therefore groups may not always be able to travel together
- Light goods vehicles exceeding 6 metres in length or 3.5 tonnes in weight, or 3 metres in height, or 2.3 metres in width are charged at commercial vehicle rate
For all up to date information on Rail and Sail tickets please visit the Scotrail website

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