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102m Dual Fuel Ferries

Details of the two 102-metre, roll-on/roll-off vehicle passenger ferries. Operated on liquefied natural gas (LNG) & marine gas oil (MGO). LNG is significantly cleaner helping to reduce emissions meeting Scottish Government targets.

102m Dual Fuel Ferries: Find out more

Port Ellen Terminal Development

A project to increase the vehicle marshalling area, increase staff and visitor parking, improve port operations for commercial use, improve passenger access to vessels, and explore the proposal of a new terminal building.

Port Ellen Terminal Development : Find out more

New Islay Vessel

The new ferry will complement MV Finlaggan, although it will be designed with a clear focus on freight, and sufficient passenger accommodation will be designed to meet anticipated demand.

New Islay Vessel: Find out more

Skye Triangle Infrastructure

Uig, Tarbert and Lochmaddy harbours are all being upgraded to replace life expiry infrastructure and to enable CalMac to deliver an effective service when new vessel 802 is introduced into service.

Skye Triangle Infrastructure: Find out more

Small Vessel Replacement Programme

The Small Vessel Replacement Programme aims to achieve a very substantial renewal of the small vessel fleet during the next 10 years.

Small Vessel Replacement Programme : Find out more
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