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What's the ICIA process?

A summary of Caledonian MacBrayne's Island Community Impact Assessment Approach can be found below.

Process Step Process Step NameProcess Activity to Expect
1Develop a clear understanding of objectives for the change

Outline proposal for change

 Provide rationale for islands in scope

Determine if ICIA required

2Gather data and identify stakeholders

Create stakeholder matrix to identify groups, communities, organisations who are impacted by the change

Identify sources of data

Analyse data for gaps

3Determine if consultation is required

How will the proposal affect the community?

What is the scale of proposal?


Identify the scope of the consultation

Agree method for consultation

Draft material to be shared with groups, communities, organisations who are impacted by the change, during consultation

Create communication plan to update stakeholders

5Assessment of findings

Collate feedback

Adjust objective if required

Identify mitigations to the impact on community

Respond to consultation feedback

Decisions and solutions to come from feedback

6Impact Assessment (only carried out if there is a significant difference in island/mainland impact)

Show how island community impact is different to mainland or other island impacts

Identify mitigations to impacts on communities

7Publish findings

Document findings

Publish findings on Caledonian MacBrayne website

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