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Survey remnants of ancient times in Morvern

Saint Columba, the Irish Abbot credited with bringing Christianity to Scotland, left a substantial imprint on the West Coast. In addition to Iona Abbey, he is associated with Kiel Church, Morvern. On his way back to Iona, Columba stopped on the hillside above Lochaline, and on surveying the land, he declared he would build a church there. Although nothing of that original structure stands, it has been a place of worship since Columba's time. A further two churches have stood on the site - the current building dates back to the 19th Century and cost more than £1million pounds to construct! In the Session House close to the church, you can see the remnants of elaborately decorated gravestones and crosses from the site, some of which date back to 700AD. They display some incredible craftsmanship from the period when the Lords of the Isles ruled this area as an independent kingdom.

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