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Marine Litter

Marine litter is caused by items that have been deliberately discarded, unintentionally lost, or transported by winds and rivers, into the sea and on beaches. It consists mainly of plastics, wood, metals, glass, rubber, clothing and paper.

Land-based sources account for up to 80% of marine litter - these include tourism, sewage and illegal or poorly managed landfills. The main sea-based sources are shipping and fishing.

Marine litter poses a number of problems such as damage to marine wildlife, public health issues; and it has an economic impact on marine industries and a negative impact on the beauty of our environment.

Calmac recognises its legal duty and moral responsibility to protect the environment in which we operate.

Calmac has committed to work with Scottish Government, our partners, environmental organisations and our communities to protect Scotland's marine and coastal resource from the damage caused by marine litter.

For more information on what CalMac and the Marine Awareness Partners are doing to address the problem of marine litter click on the links below.


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