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Last call for summer timetable consultation


Ferry operator CalMac is moving into the final phase of consultation around the summer 2016 timetable.

Transport Minister Derek MacKay announced significant improvements to services for next summer on September 22, with a consultation period starting from that date.

Over the past month CalMac has been speaking with the communities it serves to get feedback on the proposals.

"We have received many favourable comments about the proposed timetable and have taken on board suggested tweaks that local people have told us would improve the service even further," said CalMac's operations director Drew Collier.

"There is still time to comment though if people have specific issues that they would like us to consider."

Local people across the Clyde and Hebrides Ferry network can comment on the proposed timetable by contacting their local Ferry Committee through their Community Council.

Once the amended timetable is agreed with Transport Scotland, CalMac will bring the timetable back to Ferry Committees before finalising.


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