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Why has my journey taken longer than displayed on the timetable?

Our journey times are good approximations but sometimes the weather can cause journey times to be longer.

During periods of planned maintenance and annual overhauls, some routes may be serviced by other ships from our fleet. This may affect passenger and vehicle capacity, journey times, connections and the availability of on board services. Check our service status for up to date information on your route.

Will you reimburse me for any costs I incur because of a late sailing?

In the event of extended disruption to our service, in certain limited circumstances, refreshments, meals and accommodation may be provided if they are available or can be reasonably supplied. You can find more information in our guide to passenger rights, or pick up a leaflet on board or at the port office. You can also download a claim form below. 

  passenger rights [130kb]  

  claim form [505kb]

We always recommend that passengers consider insuring themselves against consequential costs which may be incurred through delays and cancellations.

Will I get a refund if my sailing is cancelled because of adverse weather?

Yes, if we have to cancel a sailing because of severe weather conditions, or other unforeseen circumstances, you'll be entitled to a full refund.

NB: Compensation is not available for weather-related disruptions or other disruptions over which we have no control, but legislation sets out levels of compensation for cancellations due to technical breakdowns. Our guide to passenger rights and claim form, can be downloaded here. 

passenger rights [130kb]   

claim form [505kb]

Where can I find the complete conditions of carriage?

You can download our conditions of carriage pdf here. 

Conditions of Carriage [276kb]

All passengers, luggage, vehicles, goods and livestocks are carried subject to the company's conditions of carriage as published, exhibited and available at the company's offices, on board its ships, and in the above pdf.

Can I carry dangerous goods on board?

Yes, but only by prior arrangement. You have to declare dangerous goods at least 24 hours in advance by contacting the port of departure.

Dangerous goods include flammable substances such as petrol, LPG and compressed air cylinders, and must be carried in accordance with Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) regulations. You cannot carry spare cans of fuel such as petrol and diesel. We reserve the right to inspect and/or refuse any vehicle presented for shipment if the regulations are being contravened.

Can I bring a firearm and ammunition on board?

Passengers wishing to transport a firearm and/or ammunition, either in person or in a vehicle, must declare them to the port at which they check-in prior to boarding the ship. Passengers carrying firearms and ammunition must have the required permit and be prepared to produce it when requested. All firearms and ammunition must be handed over to a member of crew for safekeeping during the voyage. We reserve the right to refuse shipment.

Where can I store my bicycle?

There's a designated area on the car deck for bicycles. Please follow the directions of the crew when boarding - they will show you where you can store them. On some routes space is limited, and it may not be possible to store all bicycles in an upright position. All cyclists, especially groups, are advised to get in touch with us on the day before travel to check availability of bicycle space. 

Do you charge for bicycles, kayaks, canoes, or surf boards?

These items are carried for free and will be stored on the car deck. Boarding will be via the car deck. Please follow the directions of the crew - they will show you where you can store them. On some routes space is limited, and it may not be possible to store all bicycles in an upright position.

All cyclists, especially groups, are advised to get in touch with us on the day before travel to check availability of bicycle space.

Can I travel with a roof rack or bicycle rack on my car?

Yes, but in some cases we may ask you to remove the roof rack or bicycles from the roof.

I have a question that's not answered here. What should I do? 

Call us on 0800 066 5000, +44 1475 650397 (for international customers), or email enquiries@calmac.co.uk.

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