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Fèis Eige 


The submission:

The Main Fèis will provide two and a half days of Gaelic music tuition and arts activities in small groups for children and young people aged 0-18. The Fèis will be open to all children and young people aged 8-18 who will be able to choose from a range of subjects. Each participant will attend a total of ten, 45 minute music tuition sessions over the two and a half days. all young people who attend the Fèis, regardless of previous skills or knowledge in traditional music, will be able to access high quality tuition in small groups, allowing them to build skills in music-making, while also engaging with the Gaelic language. 

Why were they chosen?

The Fèis concert will provide an opportunity for children to showcase what they have learnt and the added experience and confidence of performing to an audience.

Feis Eigg


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