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Craignure Recreational Activity Facility Team

Craignure Recreational Activity Facility Team 


The submission:

We see the enjoyment and boost in coordination, physical skills and confidence our children get from playparks elsewhere, but our island location limits access to such facilities. Mull is recognised by the Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation as being in the 5% most deprived postcode districts in Scotland under the measure of geographic isolation. The island struggles to retain and attract young families, partly due to the lack of facilities associated with this isolation. 

Why were they chosen?

We want local children to benefit from the kind of play facilities that children living in less isolated areas have easy access to, and believe our new playpark will: improve the health and wellbeing of children and families in the area; support development of physical coordination, confidence, imaginative play skills, and social skills; act as a focal point and meeting place for families and groups, and a venue for community events and make Craignure a more attractive location to visit, stay and live for families with young children.


Craignure Recreational Activity Facility Team With Iain Erskine Port Manager Isle of Mull.


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