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Oban Otters Amateur Swimming Club

Oban Otters Amateur Swimming Club 


The submission:

Oban Otters ASC plans to host an exciting swimming event. We have invited some of our island neighbours, the Islay and Jura Dolphins, to come to Oban and swim with us. We hope the participants will all come away from the weekend with enthusiasm to keep swimming and having had a great experience. We will measure this with the feedback we receive. We hope that for both clubs, the participants will associate their swimming with having fun adventures and the opportunity to make new friends. We feel this will encourage retention of swimmers in both clubs, particularly at the teenage level.

Why were they chosen?

This will be a fantastic opportunity for the children of the West Coast Community to meet and socialise around a common interest.

Oban Otters Amateur Swimming Club in support of their CalMac Swim Challenge 2019 project

Oban Otters with John MacLean Oban Harbour Manager

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