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Family Mediation Argyll & Bute

Family Mediation Argyll & Bute  


The submission:

Our service would like to train young people on the Isle of Tiree in Primary and High school to become Peer Mediators. We would like to train approximately 40 to 50 pupils within the schools. Working closely with the school staff, parents and community we would deliver a complete programme from engaging with the pupils, support the school with interviews, training of the young people and assisting on the set up of the service within the school, support the peer mediators through supervision and advise throughout the first year of the service.

Why were they chosen?

Research shows that pupils who do engage in aggressive behaviour have limited knowledge and social skills in resolving conflicts in a constructive manner. The standard response of these pupils to conflict is either withdrawing or forcing a situation. A well conducted peer mediation program teaches children and young people alternative strategies to aggression and withdrawal that instead promote constructive communication and a safe school environment.

Family Mediation Argyll & Bute in support of their Tiree School Peer Mediation project

Tanya McDougall from Family Mediation Argyll & Bute with John MacLean Oban Harbour Manager

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