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Oban Youth Café

Oban Youth Café is a small community charity, established in June 2001. Activities we provide are for young people age 11-18 from Oban and the surrounding areas and are diversionary, preventative, educational and fun.

The Oban Youth Café run a group for young people with learning and physical disabilities called My Space, which meets every Monday night in term-time. The CalMac Community Fund will provide more holiday activities for young people with disabilities.

The legacy this funding would provide for the young people is experiences of fun and learning that will help them feel more confident, less isolated and healthier now and in the future. The legacy it would provide for Oban Youth Café as a service provider, is that we would learn a great deal and gain more experience of delivering support for young people with disabilities which will help as attract funding to continue to provide and grow this service in the future.



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