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Urgent Medical Appointments

Support for Customers with Urgent Medical Appointments


An urgent medical appointment protocol is in place to support those customers who live on an island, and who need to travel to a medical appointment at a mainland NHS location with three weeks'* notice or less, and who are unable to book a vehicle onto the relevant ferry service. In this scenario, our Customer Engagement Centre will provide support to ensure customers can reach the NHS destination and return to the ferry. 

Eligibility Checklist for the urgent medical protocol:

  • Island residents (Customers)

  • Customers intending to travel with car

  • Customers travelling on bookable routes

  • Customers travelling to mainland NHS location

*Following feedback from the communities we serve; we have introduced two new changes to the eligibility checklist:  

  • Customers informed of appointment up to three weeks or less, before the appointment date (a change from the previous one week). Bookings must be made within five days of receipt of appointment. 

  • Customers informed of hospital discharge as this is often done at short notice, when ferries are fully booked.  

Read our FAQs below to find out more;

List for Urgent Medical Appointments

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