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The Procurement Process

The Procurement responsibility for the David MacBrayne Group is carried out by the Head of Procurement, reporting to the Group Finance director. 

The Group companies are - David MacBrayne Ltd., CalMac Ferries Ltd and David MacBrayne HR (UK) Ltd.  

We procure goods, services and works by effective use of competition whenever possible. Through our procurement actions our prime objective is to obtain best value for money. This means we consider the optimum combination of quality and whole life cost which will meet the needs of the user's requirements.

We are subject to a series of National Directives and the World Trade Organisation's Government Procurement Agreement. We promote non-discriminatory, equal and transparent competition between suppliers of goods, services or works. Our organisation is still required to advertise high value contract notices in the Official Journal of European Union (OJEU). This is now an automatic process that takes place once contract notices are uploaded to the UK wide e-notification system called 'Find a Tender Service' (FTS). This allows compliance with EU procurement law that the UK is still bound to as part of the Withdrawal Agreement.

In all our dealings with suppliers, and potential suppliers, we maintain the highest standards of honesty, integrity, impartiality and objectivity. We pursue value for money; encourage continuous improvement and innovation to take advantage of latest developments. 

The Group companies participate in collaborative procurements with other bodies when we can gain additional leverage from our expenditure, by aggregating our requirements with other organisations.  This includes working with central collaborative buying organisations such as the Crown Commercial Service and Scottish Procurement.

The David MacBrayne Group companies advertise tenders on the Scottish Government's National advertising website Public Contracts Scotland.

Contact Us
The Group's Procurement department is located at our Gourock Offices; 
Ferry Terminal, Gourock, PA19 1QP, Tel 01475 650 252   

You can contact the Procurement Department by email on

Policy Documentation

DML - Live Agreements and Contracts [234KB]

David MacBrayne Limited - Procurement Strategy - 2023-26 [360KB]  

DML Annual Procurement Report 2021-22 [395KB]

DML Annual Procurement Report 2020-21 [367KB]

DML Annual Procurement Report 2019-20 [437KB]

DML: General conditions of purchase for professional services. [206KB]

DML: General conditions of purchase for goods and services. [307KB]

Asset Management Terms and Conditions For The Purchase Of Goods And Services V01 - 24 May 2021 [143KB]


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