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Freedom of Information

Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act

The Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act came into force in January 2005 and gives a statutory right of access to all types of recorded information held by Scottish public authorities. Subject to a number of conditions and exemptions, any person who makes a request to a public authority for information will be entitled to receive it.

All Scottish public authorities are required to adopt and maintain a publication scheme, which sets out what classes of information are held, how they are made available and whether there is a charge for the information.

CalMac Ferries has adopted the Model Publication Scheme 2018 as developed by the Scottish Information Commissioner and has created a Guide to Information Available CalMac Ferries Ltd, based on the model scheme. 

The scheme provides links to information, where applicable or contacts details to obtain the information. If the information wanted is not found in the scheme, a specific request can be made. Requests should be in writing or any recordable form, and submitted either by email to or

Records Manager
David MacBrayne Ltd
Ferry Terminal
PA19 1QP


Route Performance Figures

Click here If you require Caledonian MacBrayne's performance by route in terms of reliability and punctuality. Figures will usually be the latest available in the preceding three months. You can also require performance figures for a specific date this can be produced using the performance data tool

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