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Barra and Vatersay Junior Sports Club

Barra and Vatersay Junior Sports Club 


The submission:

To help with the future costs associated with bringing in sports coaches to the island, particularly over the winter months. The difference this club makes to the lives of children and young people on the island is huge. This club provides the opportunity for young people to take part in sports and this helps build on their self-esteem, self-confidence and also self-belief. Participating in sports provides opportunities for children to develop friendships, to learn to lose and to win gracefully, to practice taking turns, to take on leadership roles, to learn to follow rules and to practice managing conflict. It is also recognised that children who participate in sport experience positive effects on their mental health.

Why were they chosen?

The projects long term impact on young people's health and wellbeing impressed our screening panel.

Barra and Vatersay Junior Sports Club

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