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Barra Children's Centre

Barra Children's Centre 

Forty-five young people on Barra have been given the chance to set sail thanks to CalMac's Community Fund.

The Children of the Sea Project was run as a partnership between Barra Children's Centre and Barra Watersports Club to deliver a number of activities for children and families, including awareness sessions to increase participation in water sports activities. The Fund allowed the club to purchase much needed safety helmets for a new group of level one dingy sailors and also assisted in the purchase of a much needed safety boat to deliver sailing sessions for beginners.

Thanks to the Children of the Sea awareness sessions the number of young people signing up for beginners sailing lessons increased sharply.

Theresa Irving from Barra Children's Centre said: 'The CalMac Community Fund has helped both organisations to work together to promote the importance of safety around water for young people on the island. Sailing can provide a lifetime of enjoyment and thanks to this project we are able to open up opportunities to more young people on the island.'

Barra Childrens Centre

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