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Lewis and Harris Youth Groups Association

Lewis and Harris Youth Groups Association  

Twelve young people from the Lewis and Harris Youth Club Association set themselves a CalMac Challenge to develop their team building skills.

The group aged between 11 and 13 gathered at Scaladale Outdoor Centre to plan a two day biking and kayaking adventure with a wild-camp stop over on nearby uninhabited Seaforth Island. The trip was made possible thanks to an award from the CalMac Community Fund. 

CalMac challenge

Split into two teams, one cycling and one kayaking, by the time the groups reached their island destination it was dark and they had to work together to pitch the camp and cook for themselves. The following day the two teams swapped modes of transport for the return journey.

'Both teams had been proactive in solving the challenges that the adventure threw at them, and all the young people came away feeling that the experience had been amazing, and great for their confidence. We had a celebration meeting with certificates, and the children reflected on how the experience had affected them,' said Kate Lewis, Centre Manager and Outdoor Educator at Scaladale Activity Centre.

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