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Kinloch Historical Society

Kinloch Historical Society

The Kinloch Community Inclusion Project was launched in January 2019. The main aspiration of the project was to identify and address the issues surrounding social isolation in the Kinloch area. Following a youth consultation in February 2019, it was quickly identified that there was a lack of arts and craft activities in the area for young people; 30% of pupils from Sgoil nan Loch expressed a desire to attend a club which centred on building these skills.

The group successfully held a number of events which included arts and crafts as an activity, with approximately 166 young people attending.
With support from CalMac Ferries the society intend to establish an Arts and Crafts club, not only for the benefit of the young people in Kinloch and the wider Lochs area.

The positive legacy is the impact on a young person's own well being. The arts can often encourage participants to reflect on their own behaviours. This can then lead to internal and attitudinal changes within the individual. An arts and crafts club will not only help the young people to grow artistically, but it will also help them to grow as valuable members of their community.

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