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Fèis Eilean an Fhraoich

Fèis Eilean an Fhraoich

Fèis Eilean an Fhraoich is based in Stornoway, Isle of Lewis and was established in 1991. The Fèis is led by a committee of volunteers who endeavour to offer opportunities for young people aged 3-18 to engage and participate in the traditional Gaelic arts; learning traditional music and song, using and developing Gaelic language skills and learning more about the culture and heritage of the island.

The CalMac Community Fund will support a programme of year-long celebrations which includes a newly commissioned Gaelic song, master class workshops and a concert celebration during the 2020 main Fèis week.

The legacy of Fèis Eilean an Fhraoich include: individual and personal development; social cohesion; local image and identity; health and well being; language learning and community empowerment.

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