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Islay Natural History Trust

Islay Natural History Trust


The submission:

Islay Natural History Trust (INHT) undertake and encourage the survey, recording and documentation of the natural history of Islay in all its forms. They aim to encourage the observation and appreciation of all that it offers to locals and visitors, providing information and interpretation in the form of a visitor centre, talks and presentations, guided walks and hands-on exploration for families, young and old and youth/school groups.

Why were they chosen?

Their project will deliver a holiday activity programme to Islay's youth groups and local and visiting families including sessions such as Bush craft and John Muir Award activities. Many children often lead less active lives and INHT believe it is important they have opportunities to be outdoors and be physically active and also socialise outside of the school term. It also allows parents to come together and meet socially and do something positive with their children and also be outside and active, role modelling the importance of this to their children. Their activities are held outdoors which by their very nature promote mental and physical wellness by encouraging children to be more active and to experience the outdoor environment.

Islay Natural History Trust






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