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Fèis an Tairbeirt

Fèis an Tairbeirt

Fèis an Tairbeirt is a traditional music charity based in Tarbert, Argyll. We were established in 2016 by a group of volunteers keen to ensure that people of all ages in Mid-Argyll and Kintyre are offered the chance to learn to play an instrument and experience the joy of playing music together with others.

The Fèis contributes to the development of the traditional music scene in and around Tarbert and attending the Fèis will develop young people's skill on their chosen instruments and also their confidence to play in public and on a stage.

Playing music has a huge benefit for young peoples, including improving confidence and boosting mental health. The Fèis also contributes to the strengthening of the community around Tarbert as local volunteers work together and make it happen, to ensure that the local young people have the chance to learn from fantastic traditional musicians.

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