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Islay & Jura Community Enterprises

Islay & Jura Community Enterprises

The main purpose of the charity is to provide a range of sporting, educational, social & leisure activities which help support & change lives of local people.

Support from the CalMac Community Fund will provide five half day employability work shops in areas such as interview skills, CV writing, job searches, choose my career and let's get that job. These will target 35 most disadvantaged young people aged 13-25 years. Further progression will help & support these same young people to undertake job searches in sectors they have identified in their work experience. They will be inspired, learn where to look for jobs, how to apply & be supported along a positive pathway by a designated "mentor".

Other young people will be inspired by what others have achieved and will want to follow in their footsteps which will be the catalyst for their commitment. We will have a blue print for the project to be repeated. Links will have been forged with local organisations/businesses and instructors/tutors which will enable future work experience and vocational training to be delivered.


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