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1st Tarbert Guide Unit

1st Tarbert Girl Guide Unit


The submission:

The 1st Tarbert Girl Guide Unit provides girls from Tarbert and surrounding areas a safe space to meet and have fun together outside of school. They create opportunities for their young members to try new activities and help them overcome rural isolation by bringing together members from different primary schools who would not otherwise meet. This develops their self-confidence and personal resilience. They encourage their girls to value their local community and to consider their place in the wider world.

Why were they chosen?

The project's sustainability would have a long term legacy to the area. The girls taking part in the trip will benefit from the experience of a busy urban environment and learn about a culture different from their own. Travelling around the city and experiencing iconic wall art will give the girls an insight into the effects that the troubles in Northern Ireland had on people living there and the importance of breaking down sectarian barriers in our own community.

1st Tarbert Girl Guides


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