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Kintyre Seasports 

Kintyre Seassports has existed for about 4 years now. We aim to create opportunities for young people and others in South Kintyre to get opportunities to be involved in a range of water sports.

In summer of 2020 which is year of coasts and waters, the group will extend their activities beyond sailing and offer young people opportunities to take part in stand-up paddle boarding, kayaking, yacht sailing, canoeing, sub aqua and dinghy sailing. Young people already engaging with the group will be given opportunities to enrol in an instructor training programmes and or to gain other qualifications with the hope of offering summer employment to local young people.

The challenging activities will allow young people to develop confidence and resilience. Through communal activities there will be opportunities to build and develop friendships. In some cases, young people will gain qualifications that can lead to employment or enrich their CV.

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