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Achievement Bute

Achievement Bute


The submission:

Achievement Bute is a SCIO which was set up in 1998 by parents of disabled children on the Isle of Bute who wanted their children to be able to participate in and enjoy a wide range of activities alongside their non-disabled peers.

Why were they chosen?

This project will enable Achievement Bute to provide additional inclusive events and activities with a particular focus on benefitting young people of secondary school age. There is currently a particular need on the island at present to support this age group. Achievement Bute's existing programme for Young Volunteers successfully provides opportunities for those aged 14-25 to participate in stimulating activities. However, in consultation with our volunteers it has become apparent that there is a need for us to further develop opportunities aimed specifically at young people of secondary school age. CalMac's support will allow support such opportunities.

Achievement Bute & Christine McTaggart

Achievement Bute with Christine McTaggart from CalMac Ferries (Rothesay)

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