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Arran Theatre and Arts Trust

Arran Theatre and Arts Trust


The submission:

Arran Theatre and Arts Trust (ATAT) exists to promote and develop the arts on the Island of Arran and to encourage skills, expertise and creativity within the community, in particular young people. With CalMac's support ATAT seek to make reading central in children's and young people's lives inside and out of the school environment. Reading challenges, practice and motivation are fundamental to raising attainment for lifelong learning as well as providing pleasure and inspiration. Therefore, we want to launch the Wee Mac Children's Book Festival.

Why were they chosen?

Giving young people access to a relaxed and social environment and festival experience and the opportunity to meet and interact with authors will make a significant difference to their enjoyment of reading. An academic aim is to raise the reading attainment of Arran pupils at a national level so success here would see an improvement in reading results for Arran children and young people.

ATAT & Kenny Kane Pier Assistant Brodick


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