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The submission:

The CalMac Community Fund will support two initiatives;

(1) Concentrated coaching - both on the course and in the Indoor Studio - from our resident professional during the October to December 2019 timeframe. The aim will be to improve the skill level and therefore the confidence of our youngsters Golf can be a difficult skill to master and often we see a drop out from boys and girls as they move into their tends and other interests take over - this step is designed to reduce the risk of this happening.

(2) In parallel we are going to partner with a 3rd party company called GOLPHIN who can supply a web portal on-line platform that will engage our juniors in coaching videos, on-line skills games , hints and tips and also allow them to interact with our Junior sub-committee, coaches and their parents. We see this as a fun and innovative way of keeping the kids engaged and allowing them to see a pathway.

Why were they chosen?

In so doing the boy and girl will gain the health, social and life skills that naturally flow from playing golf.

Gourock Golf Club & Blair Moglia Stakeholder Engagement Manager

Gourock Golf Club with Blair Moglia Stakeholder Engagement Manager

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