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Corrie Primary Parent Council

Corrie Primary Parent Council


The submission:

Corrie Primary Parent Council is a group of parents selected by members of the Parent Forum to represent all the parents of children at a school. The Parent Council works with the Head Teacher to support learning and teaching, school improvement and parental and community engagement. Living on an island we feel that it is very important that the children can swim and have confidence in the water. We also aim to give children the chance to try various activities within the swimming lessons including lifesaving skills.

Why were they chosen?

Working together as a community we will be able to offer the chance of offering a healthy activity. This activity will engage all age groups within the school starting from Primary 1 which the chance to teach children basic swimming skills from an early age. The aim will be to have all pupil's "deep water safe" by the end of the block. Children that can already swim will have the opportunity to develop their skills. Swimming is a life skill which we hope will ensure the safety of our children enabling them to play actively together and enjoy participating in outdoor community activity.

Corrie Primary Parent Council & Fiona Hamilton-Bulger Brodick Port Assistant

Corrie Primary Parent Council with Fiona Hamilton-Bulger Port Assistant at Brodick

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