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Cumbrae Beecology

Cumbrae Beecology is a non-profit, environmental group founded in June 2018 by a group of like-minded individuals. The name 'Beecology' is a portmanteau of bees and ecology - the main principles of the group. The group is open to all members of the community who have an interest in environmental matters and wish to make a difference on the island.

The aim of the project supported by the CalMac Community Fund is to provide an educational beekeeping experience exclusively tailored for younger people in Cumbrae. Our project will educate on the importance pollinators play in our environment to inspire a greater appreciation of bees and their interaction with global food production and help to the economy. Beekeeping gets people outside and interacting with nature, which is proven to reduce stress and improve mental health. Handling bees improves confidence and gives young people a great sense of achievement.

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