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Cumbrae Community Radio

Cumbrae Community Radio


The submission:

Cumbrae Community Radio was established in October 2017 and began broadcasting in January 2018. It is a community based radio station, run by the community, serving the community

Why were they chosen?

The project is aimed at providing vital skills, to children in primary education, on broadcasting media production. It will be benefiting all children at Cumbrae Primary School, currently around 70 in number, who will be learning how to develop, record and broadcast radio shows. The learning programme is to be scheduled as part of Cumbrae Primary school curriculum. The award will enable Cumbrae Community Radio to provide equipment and facilities at the school to create a rehearsal/recording studio where the children will work with their teachers to develop, prepare and record their own shows, which will then be aired on Cumbrae Community Radio.

Cumbrae Community Radio & Rachael Murdoch Senior Port Assistant Largs

Cumbrae Community Radio with Rachael Murdoch Senior Port Assistant at Largs

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